Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action, and Climate Change.

Stephen Jurovics, Ph.D.

2008, 2021

Continuing Education Class

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“Understanding Climate Change as a Biblical Mandate” is the title of a three-session course Stephen Jurovics will teach as part of Union Presbyterian Seminary’s continuing education offerings. The course will review numerous environmental teachings in [...]

1702, 2021

Book News

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I’d like to share some very good news. The four-year course of study called Education for Ministry (EfM), a program of the Episcopal Church, selected Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action, and Climate Change as the “Common [...]

1712, 2020

Treatment of Animals and Covid-19

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View the PDF with full article and footnotes by  StephenJurovics-TreatmentOfAnimals-Covid-19.  The name “creation care” committee, rather than “climate change” committee, used by many congregations and faith-based environmental non-profits signals that the organization’s agenda includes climate [...]

2204, 2020

A Biblical Perspective on the Oceans

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A realization that many of the diverse efforts to improve the environment are supported by both biblical texts and scientific findings has motivated many people of faith to act on these efforts for those dual [...]

2003, 2020

“Dominion” in Genesis 1 Is not an Obstacle

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“Dominion is an obstacle,” said Bishop William Barber ( as we shook hands in the hallway. “Yes,” I replied, “I covered that extensively in my book.” “I know,” he said, and walked on.  With “dominion” [...]

304, 2019

Testimonial from Vincent dePaul Professor

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I was delighted to receive an e-mail from a Vincent dePaul Professor at DePaul University in Chicago who used Hospitable Planet in a seminar on ethics and ecology. The professor wrote: I wanted to let [...]


Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action, and Climate Change seeks to fill the gap in religious and secular texts by providing both a compelling biblical case for action on climate change and by identifying substantive measures to mitigate climate change and how to achieve their implementation.

Churches can massively reduce their impact on God’s good earth if they understand the Bible’s mandate to care for creation and develop practical skills to decrease their energy use. This book hits the target directly on both counts.

Stephen Jurovics’ book is an important work of witness: faith and connection to God should lead us to save and heal our planet from a looming environmental catastrophe. Based primarily on the Five Books of Moses, sacred to both Christians and Jews, this book is written with passion, wisdom, and intelligence. The author’s sensitivity enables him to speak movingly to people of faith, offering a handbook on the Bible’s greatest mandate for mortal existence – to choose life for the earth (which is the Lord’s) and all its inhabitants.

As a pastor for 30 years, a psychologist, and a civil rights activist for 55 years I am convinced that Hospitable Planet has provided a powerful objective strategy for why we all must work together (i.e. science, faith, business, politicians, community folks) to ensure that climate change, global warming, and environmental justice are the civil rights issues for this century. Read this book. Share its message. Now – get involved!! We can and must make the difference!!

Take action – it starts with you.

“The book seeks to enroll a hitherto under-represented, though large and influential, portion of the U.S. population in addressing climate change: committed American Christians, of all denominations. If members of this faith community not yet involved in mitigating climate change began demanding a forceful response, I believe it would bring the country to the tipping point of full engagement. If America engages, most of the world community not yet committed will follow and a de-fusing of the climate change crisis will be underway.” – Excerpt from the Overview of Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action and Climate Change