“Understanding Climate Change as a Biblical Mandate” is the title of a three-session course Stephen Jurovics will teach as part of Union Presbyterian Seminary’s continuing education offerings. The course will review numerous environmental teachings in the Bible and demonstrate that climate change is a religious issue, as well as a scientific one. The classes will include some of the information in Jurovics’ book, Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action, and Climate Change, as well as new material. 

The United Methodist Women selected Hospitable Planet for its 2018 reading program and “Education for Ministry,” a four-year educational offering of the Episcopal Church, chose Hospitable Planet as a common reading text in 2021 for its roughly 6,500 participants. 

Please visit www.upsem.edu/event/online-workshop-understanding-climate-change-as-a-biblical-mandate/ for the course description and registration information. 


Stephen Jurovics, Ph.D.



August 20, 2021