Speaking Engagements Held

Date Location Type
11/08/23 Upcoming: Keynote speaker at Congregations for Social Justice Online
5/12/22 Group convened by Missioner for Creation Care, Dio. of MO Congregation1
4/28/22 Episcopal Clergy of Dio. of North Carolina Congregation1
4/6/22 Briefing for Episcopal clergy of Dio. of MO Congregation1
1/5/22 Bp. Andrus, Dio. of California; extensive conversation Congregation1
11/30/21 Bp. Scanlan, Dio. of Central PA: comprehensive conversation Congregation1
11/22/21 Bp. Gunter, Dio. of Fond du Lac: brief presentation Congregation1
11/16/21 KSFR: “Soul Searching” – Interview Radio
11/11/21 Bp. Johnson, Dio. of Missoouri: brief pesentation Congregation1
10/27/21 Bp. Gates, Epis. Dio. of Mass.: brief presentation Congregation1
10/8/21 Bp. Rickel, Epis. Dio. of Olympia, WA: brief presentation Congregation1
10/7/21 Union Presbyterian Seminary. – Contin. Ed. – session 3 Congregation1
10/5/21 Webinar for NCCUMC: Climate Change, Religion, & Science Congregation1
9/30/21 Union Presbyterian Seminary: – Contin. Ed. – session 2 Congregation1
9/29/21 Bp. Rodman, Epis. Dio. of NC: brief presentation Congregation1
9/23/21 Union Presbyterian Seminary: – Contin. Ed. – session 1 Congregation1
4/25/21 Presentation to interfaith dialogue group, Manchester, UK Congregation1
4/22/21 Live interview with Ex. Dir. of Education for Ministry
4/12/21 Education for Ministry, Duluth, GA Congregation1
4/6/21 Education for Ministry, Frisco, TX Congregation1
4/5/21 St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (Education for Ministry) Congregation1
3/29/21 Education for Ministry, Concord, NH Congregation1
3/26/21 Grace Episcopal Church (interview) Congregation1
3/21/21 Grace Episcopal Church (sermon) Congregation1
10/25/2020 St. David’s Episcopal Church Congregation1
10/11/2020 St. David’s Episcopal Church Congregation1
9/14/2020 Soapstone UMC Congregation1
8/30/2020 Soapstone UMC Congregation1
7/14/20 Temple Beth-El, San Antonio, TX Congregation1
7/1/20 Webinar, NC Conf. UMC Congregation1
6/28/20 Webinar, NC Interfaith Power and Light Congregation1
6/10/20 Methodist/Citizens Climate Lobby group, Buffalo, NY Congregation1
5/24/20 Kirk of Kildaire Congregation1
2/25/20 Shalom Circle, Austin, TX Congregation1
1/13/20 Assoc. of Rabbis & Cantors of Jewish Renewal Congregation1
10/22/19 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Congregation1
9/12/19 Pennswood Village, Newtown PA Congregation1
4/24/19 First Baptist Church Congregation1
4/17/19 UU Fellowship of Raleigh Congregation1
3/24/19 West Raleigh Presbyterian Church Congregation1
3/17/19 Christus Victor Lutheran Church Congregation1
2/13/19 Lutheran Pastors Triangle Conf. Mtg. Congregation1
2/10/19 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Sermon and Adult Ed) Congregation1
2/04/19 St. Michael’s Catholic Church (Adult Ed) Congregation1
10/03/18 St. Michael’s Catholic Church (Just Faith class) Congregation1
6/24/18 Decatur First UMC, Decatur, GA Congregation1
6/13/18 Benson Memorial UMC Congregation1
5/20/18 Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Congregation1
4/29/18 Beth Meyer Synagogue/Carolina Jews for Justice Congregation1
4/22/18 Glenn Memorial UMC, Atlanta, GA Congregation1
03/25/18 Beth Israel Cong. & Indivisibles, Beaufort, SC Congregation1
11/07/17 North Carolina State Univ. Misc.
10/31/17 North Carolina State Univ. Misc.
10/24/17 North Carolina State Univ. Misc.
10/03/17 Bishop’s Forum on Creation Care, NC Conf. UMC – Hosted by Bishop Hope Morgan Ward Congregation1
07/30/17 St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Congregation1
05/21/17 Church of the Nativity Congregation1
05/07/17 Binkley Baptist Church Congregation1
04/23/17 Binkley Baptist Church Congregation1
03/12/17 Christ Church Congregation1
03/09/17 NC Council of Churches Misc.
03/05/17 Pullen Memorial Baptist Church Congregation1
02/19/17 St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, Boca Raton, FL Congregation1
02/16/17 Books and Books – Coral Gables, FL Bookstore
01/22/17 UU Congregation of Traverse City, MI Congregation1
10/09/16 Centenary UMC Congregation1
07/15/16 Go Green Radio, Jill Buck Radio
07/09/16 North Raleigh UMC Congregation1
06/16/16 The Regulator Bookshop Bookstore
06/08/16 Pullen Memorial Baptist Church Congregation1
06/02/16 WUNC, “The State of Things” Radio
05/24/16 Page158 Books Bookstore
04/27/16 Tarheel People, ION network TV
04/17/16 Church of the Nativity Congregation1
04/13/16 “The God Show”, KTAR, Arizona Radio
04/07/16 Panel at NCSU with Dr. Hayhoe Misc.
03/31/16 Quail Ridge Books Bookstore
03/09/16 St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Congregation1

1 All congregations and bookstores are in North Carolina, unless listed otherwise.


Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action, and Climate Change seeks to fill the gap in religious and secular texts by providing both a compelling biblical case for action on climate change and by identifying substantive measures to mitigate climate change and how to achieve their implementation.

Churches can massively reduce their impact on God’s good earth if they understand the Bible’s mandate to care for creation and develop practical skills to decrease their energy use. This book hits the target directly on both counts.

Stephen Jurovics’ book is an important work of witness: faith and connection to God should lead us to save and heal our planet from a looming environmental catastrophe. Based primarily on the Five Books of Moses, sacred to both Christians and Jews, this book is written with passion, wisdom, and intelligence. The author’s sensitivity enables him to speak movingly to people of faith, offering a handbook on the Bible’s greatest mandate for mortal existence – to choose life for the earth (which is the Lord’s) and all its inhabitants.

As a pastor for 30 years, a psychologist, and a civil rights activist for 55 years I am convinced that Hospitable Planet has provided a powerful objective strategy for why we all must work together (i.e. science, faith, business, politicians, community folks) to ensure that climate change, global warming, and environmental justice are the civil rights issues for this century. Read this book. Share its message. Now – get involved!! We can and must make the difference!!

Take action – it starts with you.

“The book seeks to enroll a hitherto under-represented, though large and influential, portion of the U.S. population in addressing climate change: committed American Christians, of all denominations. If members of this faith community not yet involved in mitigating climate change began demanding a forceful response, I believe it would bring the country to the tipping point of full engagement. If America engages, most of the world community not yet committed will follow and a de-fusing of the climate change crisis will be underway.” – Excerpt from the Overview of Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action and Climate Change